API coming soon! Suggestions still welcome!

We get contacted on a daily basis by people/companies who want to link with our database. So we are currently planning to create a webservice to respond to these needs. But first ... we want to have an overview of what you people expect from us! Please drop us a note with a motivation why you suggest what type of service and we will take it into account!

"We have a mobile [...] application, and we are looking for a UPC lookup service to provide basic product information when a barcode is scanned. Seems like yours would bit the bill - can you provide any API documentation and other technical details? [...] Thanks very much, [...]"

"[...] I'm looking for an api to a database that translates barcode data into product descriptions. Since [...] is apparently using your database, it looks as if you have a published api, but I'm not seeing any technical info on your website. Am I misunderstanding something? Or is there some tech documentation that I haven't found. thanks in advance"

"Hi, we would like to check if there is any option from your site to cooperate with [...] and [...] database so we can lookup UPCs & EANs at your database for validation. Thank you, [...]"

Webservice will be FREE!

As you already knew, our service is FREE of any charges. However, if it is used in an automated way, it is mandatory to provide a proper link to our website:


Let us know when you have done so. 
Do you want us to link back to your company, project or personal space? Or you want your project among the application listing? Have a look at the applications page.

You can't wait for the webservice?

For the moment, you can already lookup a tag by calling the following URL.


Just replace the "9781880685372" with your UPC, EAN or ISBN tag and you get a basic HTML file back. This file can easily be parsed.